CEO Roundtables

Being part of a CEO roundtable is invaluable. Receive objective feedback on the most pressing issues and promising strategies.

Advisory Roundtables for Business Owners and Sr. Executives

Have you considered having a “Board of Advisors” by becoming part of a trusted team of peers facilitated by an experienced leader and coach?

Candela Advisory Roundtable (CAR) may be for you. You will get objective feedback on your most pressing issues you are facing and strategies you are considering. You will meet with your trusted peer advisory group one morning a month for 3 hours to help each other with your most significant issues. This group will become your leadership support group. It is amazing the power it can provide! This eliminates the need for the small to medium sized business leader to make critical decisions on their own. The CAR process is structured to allow all participants to get something out of each meeting and is facilitated by an experienced leader.

What you can expect from becoming a CAR member:

  • Ability to share common business concerns with others like yourself
  • Alleviate fears with experienced advice and team review of your options
  • Receive help with your critical decisions
  • Gain valuable and objective feed back on your business plans and strategies
  • Become accountable to live up to your highest potential
  • Bonding team enviornment with peers who are business owners or CEO
  • One-on-one coaching also available to CAR members at discounted rates

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