Types of Clients… who have used Candela’s services

Business owners, CEO’s and Sr. Executives in the following industries:

  • Research and development for government and aerospace
  • Produce products for distribution, retail stores and restaurants
  • Furniture manufacturing and distribution for the hospitality and healthcare
  • On-line marketing and web site design
  • Healthcare and employee benefits
  • Nutrition and well-being centers
  • Financial advisor firms
  • Law firms
  • National Recruiting firms
  • Recycling – Plastics
  • Industrial Engine Controls Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Professional concierge services
  • Trade show booth manufacturing & repair
  • Philanthropic oriented business associations
  • Non-Profits
  • Ergonomic Consulting and Product Company

CEO’s and Business Owners who may want/need consulting or coaching:

  • Business leaders looking for objective input from other leaders with similar responsibilities see the benefit of being part of Candela’s Advisory Roundtables.
  • Business leaders who see the benefit of having the support of an experienced coach to help with challenges that they want to keep confidential or at their level in the organization. Periodic check-in sessions can be scheduled to help the leader keep momentum going in an area where they are creating improvement. Many times the leader just needs objective input or may need a coach to help them maintain some form of accountability and drive towards an end goal.
  • Many business leaders have realized that having an experienced facilitator for their annual strategic planning sessions allow them to participate in the process vs. managing the process and leading the meeting. Typically, they will then engage that same consultant to hold periodic status sessions with their team to keep the process dynamic and moving ahead. Candela facilitates all types of meetings such as Strategic Planning, Team Building, Organizational Outlook/Outsourcing opportunities, Annual Corporate Meetings, etc.

Sr. Executives who may need consulting or coaching

  • Executives who may need career transition coaching and referral connections.
  • Executives/leaders who are responsible for a business unit’s P &L may want to sit on a roundtable with other executives and business leaders to test out their plans and strategies or get input on their most pressing issues.
  • Executives who are looking to improve the way they “show up” as leaders and want to move up to the next level.