Leadership Coaching

Improve your own leadership skills and increase your employees’ engagement using Candela’s leadership competency tools and processes.

Consulting / Coaching for Business Owners and Sr. Executives

Have you ever wished there was a business coach like a golf, tennis, or swimming coach? Well there is!

Experience-based and success-oriented support for small and medium sized business.

Experience-based and success-oriented support for small and medium sized business.

Let Candela support you with working through your largest business and leadership challenges. Candela and her associates will provide you with guidance, resources and experience-based knowledge. Cindy Candela is not just an experienced coach that can provide consulting in a multitude of business areas in a variety of industries – she has walked in the shoes of the CEO and business owner and has a proven track record of success in running businesses.

Are you a CEO, Business Owner or Senior Executive that can benefit from having a dedicated Executive Coach or Business Consultant? 

Our Executive Coaching services can help you in the following ways:

  • Do you or anyone on your management staff need to improve some of their competencies to allow them to become better leaders?
  • Would you like to have a more open and team environment where everyone is helping each other become better contributors to the team?
  • Would you like help with being able to hire the right people for the critical positions in your company?
  • Would you like to have an experienced business coach that has walked in your path in several companies and environments to help you when you need support?

Our Consulting Services will help you:

  • Plan for strategic growth/create a vision for the next 3-5 years of your business
  • Improve employee selection, accountability and leadership skills
  • Develop or improve your systems and processes
  • Obtain assistance/advice with due diligence/negotiation process for acquisitions/divestitures/joint ventures
  • Become more confident about your ability to create the business of your dreams
  • Improve your position and value when you are considering an exit strategy

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