Illuminate Your Business Growth with Candela Coaching Services



CEO Roundtables – Candela Advisory Roundtables

Bonding team environment with peers who are business owners and CEOs

  • Alleviate fears with experienced advice and team review of your options
  • Help with pressing issues and critical decisions based on other’s experience
  • Valuable and objective feedback on business issues/strategies
  • Accountability to achieve highest potential for your business
  • One-on-one coaching available to all CAR members


Leadership Coaching

  • Improve your own leadership competencies- leverage your strengths / improve your weaknesses
  • Experienced and objective input for any business “pain or plan”
  • Develop / improve systems and processes
  • Team building workshops to create high performing teams
  • Employee selection, accountability systems and coaching for performance
  • Positioning for increased value and due diligence assistance for merger, acquisition, selling of company


Strategic Planning

  • Plan for strategic growth and create vision for 3-5 years
  • Fundamentals like Core Values, Mission and Vision are used as a base
  • Team approach is used to uncover any issues
  • An overall business SWOT analysis is created
  • Clearly defined goals that are measurable
  • Action steps and strategies with champions to drive

Note: In looking at the reasons why 20% of businesses succeed beyond their first five years, three common elements are apparent:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Business experience
  3. Good work/life balance

Recent statistics have revealed that over 50% of companies are utilizing coaching, consulting and or development groups to employ or enhance these elements. The outcome is a more successful business without leadership burnout.