Strategic Planning

Improve your business results and employee engagement with a simple and proven process of creating clear and measurable goals and action plans

The Process

Candela uses a proven process to help business owners define why they are in business and what differentiates them from others in their industry.

Candela facilitates Strategic Planning Meetings with the Business Owner and their seleted Strategic Planning Team. During this process they determine their Core Values, Mission, and Vision for their company. An overall business SWOT analysis is created with a team approach. Once this is agreed upon Candela leads them through exercises to create their highest priority goals and the key metrics they will use to measure their success.

This Strategic Planning Process is the basic approach that Candela typically starts with if the business owner does not have a strategic plan.  From here there are many other avenues that can be explored to grow the business top line and bottom line or to position it for the various exit strategies that the busienss owner may be considering.

The Execution and Achievement of Results

Candela’s Strategic Planning Process is structured to be dynamic with periodic review sessions to ensure progress against the desired results. Candela will conduct short status reviews with the CEO or the Strategic Planning team and make sure any roadblocks to success are broken down and paths to success are achieved.

Communication of the plan and celebrations for the milestone achievements are a key part of engaging the team of champions and the entire workforce around the plan.

The outcome of the Strategic plan is then flowed down to be incorporated into key performance indicators for all appropriate employees and it is the base to engaging the entire company around a clear vision with accountability and full contribution by all involved.